Carpets Dry within 90 Minutes

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Dry Cleaning Carpets & House Cleaning

We are a family-owned and operated business with years of experience.
Our clients range from condo owners to Fortune 100 companies.

Dry Cleaning of Carpets

Our 5-step process

1. First, we assure you that the carpet has been vacuumed or else we vacuum it.

2. Then we spray a liquid dry-cleaning solution. This dissolves the soil on the carpet.

3. We spot-clean heavily soiled areas and heavily traveled traffic areas. We do this with any one of several cleaning agents to eliminate spots of urine, blood, asphalt, rust, etc.

4. We then spin clean the carpet with many circular cotton bonnets that spin at 175 rpm (powered by a floor machine). This absorbs the loosened soil, like hand spot-cleaning, except this is mega power acceleration. This absorption process transfers the soil and much of the moisture from your carpet to our cotton bonnets. The result is our bonnets get dirty and wet and your carpets become clean.

5. (a) We rake with a carpet rake and visually examine it. Whenever spots remain we repeat the previous process! until the technician is satisfied before we ask you to inspect it.
(b) We finalize by raking the carpet. This allows for maximum ventilation for quick drying time. Because we spray, it evaporates. Because we use a fraction of liquid-volume that others use, it dries quicker, (usually within 60 to 90 minutes). Most customers say "It looks like new".

No! Soapy residues which attract soil back to the carpet.

No! Mold or moldy smell in the carpet.

No! Steam to unglue the seams in your carpet.

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